Cable TV and Satellite TV

Cable TV and Satellite TV both meant for the entertainment purpose. With technology advancement, finding the difference between both the medium is highly confusing but there exist few key differences. These differences clarify all the confusion about what service to choose. It is a great help in making the right choice for television entertainment.

Comparison Between the Cable TV and Satellite TV

When talking about the equipment used to access the channels, Cable TV requires a single signal receiver device whereas, Satellite TV requires a set-top box and satellite dish to receive the signal.

Cable TV is associated with analog and digital signal both whereas, Satellite TV provides 100% digital signal and this means this service has an edge over the cable tv.

When it comes to comparing the channels, Satellite TV wins the show. Satellite TV offers a variety of international channels as HDTV but Cable TV cannot offer an array of international channels. Their access to local channels is far better.

Charges for Cable TV vary from one service provider o the other. With so many local cable tv subscribers, finding the right one is a little tricky. But with Satellite TV numerous packages are available and they are highly affordable too.

The actual comparison clearly shows that Satellite TV is far better than Cable TV and has following benefits over it:

  • Satellite TV has an amazing and high reception quality.
  • Increased access to national and international channels.
  • Affordable in terms of quality and quantity of channels.
  • Easily available everywhere.

Before selecting the final medium of entertainment weigh the advantages and disadvantages and benefit the world of modern technology with right choice.